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Bejeweled Money Multiplier Second Chance Promotion Rules


These rules outline a promotion by the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery (Bureau) that begins on January 3, 2012 and ends on July 1, 2013. During the promotional period, participants may enter an Eligible Bonus Code from a non-winning Michigan Lottery Bejeweled Money Multiplier instant game #489 ticket at PlayMIL.com to learn if the ticket is a winner of a second chance prize. While at the website, participants may also play the Bejeweled Tournament game and enter the “Like Us Sweepstakes” for a chance to win a PopCap® 48-game Complete Pack. 

With the exception of the PopCap 48-Game Complete Pack prizes awarded in the Like Us Sweepstakes, prizes awarded in this promotion are predetermined and based on the Bonus Code entered by the participant. The Bejeweled Tournament game offered in this promotion is for demonstration purposes only and the outcome of each game has no bearing on the prizes awarded. 

  1. Definitions
    1. Bejeweled Tournament – a web-based puzzle game created by PopCap®.  
    2. Bonus Code – the unique and random 10-character non-sequential alphanumeric code found underneath the scratch-off material covering the Bonus play area on each Bejeweled Money Multiplier instant game ticket.  The code is formatted in two (2) lines of five (5) characters each with a hyphen at the end of the first line. The code will never contain the letters A, E, I, O or U.
    3. Eligible Bonus Code – a Bonus Code found on a non-winning Michigan Lottery instant game #489-Bejeweled Money Multiplier.
    4. Rewards Points – points assigned to an individual player with no cash value that are earned or accrued by participating in Bureau promotions as defined by the Commissioner.
    5. Ticket – the Michigan Lottery Bejeweled Money Multiplier instant game #489.

  2. Submitting A Bonus Code
    1. To enter a Bonus Code participants must visit PlayMIL.com and register as a member of the Michigan Lottery’s Player’s Club, if not already a member.  A participant may also log into his or her existing Player’s Club account from within the PlayMIL.com website.
    2. Each Eligible Bonus Code will only be valid for submission one (1) time.

  3. Determination of Prizes
    1. A total of 4,129,249 Eligible Bonus Codes will be produced in the promotion. The second chance prizes assigned to these Eligible Bonus Codes will be randomly distributed as follows:

      Second Chance Prizes

      Winners Per 4,129,249 Eligible Bonus Codes

      Odds of Revealing This Prize
      1 in

      5 Player’s Club Reward Points



      10 Player’s Club Reward Points



      15 Player’s Club Reward Points



      20 Player’s Club Reward Points



      25 Player’s Club Reward Points



      $2 Off Instant Ticket Coupon



      $5 Off Instant Ticket Coupon



      $10 Off Instant Ticket Coupon



      Free PopCap Game Download



      $20 Off Instant Ticket Coupon






    2. Participants winning a free PopCap game download will receive an instant congratulatory message with a “click here” hyperlink to access the PopCap download code and download instructions that are printable from the prizewinner’s computer. The winning Bonus Code and hyperlink will also be stored on the My Entries page at PlayMIL.com for future access. Downloads must be redeemed by January 15, 2014.
    3. Player’s Club Reward Points awarded in this promotion will be automatically credited to the prizewinner’s Player’s Club account within forty-eight (48) hours.
    4. Participants winning an instant ticket coupon in this promotion will receive an instant congratulatory message with a “click here” hyperlink to access the coupon in an electronic format that is printable from the prizewinner’s computer.  The winning Bonus Code and hyperlink will also be stored on the My Entries page at PlayMIL.com for future access. Coupons are redeemable one (1) time only at any licensed Michigan Lottery instant games retailer. Coupons must be redeemed by July 31, 2013.

  4. Bejeweled Tournament
    1. Every Bonus Code submitted earns the participant three (3) credits to play the Bejeweled Tournament game.
    2. Each participant’s top ten (10) high scores will be tracked and displayed at PlayMIL.com in the Your Best Scores box.
    3. The top ten (10) scores among all participants who play the Bejeweled Tournament game will be tracked on a weekly basis and displayed on the PlayMIL.com in the leader board box. The leader board will be reset weekly each Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. The top score from each week will be included in the website Hall of Fame list.
    4. Scores earned playing the Bejeweled Tournament game have no bearing on any prizes awarded in this promotion.

  5. Like Us Sweepstakes
    1. For a copy of the official rules governing the Like Us Sweepstakes, click on the following link: http://www.playmil.com/facebook/rules/.   

  6. Eligibility

    All participants must be a resident of the state of Michigan and a Michigan Lottery Player’s Club member to be eligible for this promotion, excluding Bureau employees or any officer or employee of any contractor or subcontractor of the Bureau who have access to information that is not readily available to the public, or any spouse, child, brother, sister or parent residing as a member of the same household of the restricted individual. Additionally, all entries must be submitted from within the boundaries of the state of Michigan.

  7. Promotion Duration

    This promotion is in effect from January 3, 2012 through July 1, 2013. Upon reasonable notice, the Commissioner may announce a change to this or any other promotion offered by the Bureau at any time.

  8. Governing Law
    1. All decisions made by the Commissioner including prize declaration and prize distribution are final and binding on every person making a claim.
    2. This promotion in no way alters the Bureau’s other directives except as provided herein.

  9. Disclaimer

    The only basis for a valid lottery claim is compliance with the lottery statute, lottery rules, and directives. No valid lottery claim may be premised on human, electronic, or other error in the communication, display or transmission of data, however recorded, displayed or transmitted. No valid lottery claim can be premised upon any intentional human, electronic or other form of communication or transmission of data, which has not been authorized by the lottery commissioner.